About the project

As part of the project, ca. 35 journalists, bloggers, researchers, and experts in the field of ecology and climate change from four Central Asian countries were introduced to each other and received a variety of capacity building trainings. Afterwards, they formed cross-border teams and jointly developed ideas for media projects. A jury of four experienced media partners, in turn, selected four media projects for funding. The teams worked from August to October 2020 and presented their results at the First Central Asian conference on climate journalism in November 2020.

The project’s goal was to help to strengthen transnational and intersectoral collaboration among journalists, bloggers, climate experts as well as media partners from different countries. It was implemented by n-ost (Germany) and MediaNet International Centre for Journalism (Kazakhstan) under the mentorship of experts from Media Development Center in Kyrgyzstan, Anhor.uz in Uzbekistan, Asia-Plus in Tajikistan and Vlast.kz in Kazakhstan with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The project was managed by n-ost and MediaNet.