Are we breathing or suffocating?

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Media projects

Format: multimedia long read

Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

The project group created a multimedia website about air quality in the Central Asian region. The very title of the project tells what it is about. The material produced by the team can also be called investigative journalism. It includes collection and processing of open data, interviews with characters, expert commentary, photo and video material. The aim of the project is to find out what factors influence climate change in each country and the region, whether increased respiratory illnesses are linked to air quality and whether the environmental situation can be influenced and involve the public in the debate. The main objective of the project is to “switch on” environmental awareness of the citizens and take a step towards solving the problem of the lack of environmental education in the region.

The media project was carried out by Muazama Burkhanova (from the environmental organization “Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives” FSCI, Dastgirie-Center in Tajikistan), Maria Kolesnikova (head of the environmental organization “MoveGreen” in Kyrgyzstan), Pavel Plotitsyn (author of the project in Kazakhstan), Nigora Salimova (editor of the Almalyksky Rabochiy newspaper and the website in Uzbekistan) and Svetlana Kharitonova (from the “Green Salvation” ecological society in Kazakhstan). Diana Svetlichnaya from Media Development Center was the mentor of this media project.

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